The mission of the IIDS institute is as follows:

  • Help the public sector, at local or central level, in the growth of organizational and leadership capacities.
  • Help the non-public sector in their capacities’ growth for transparency.
  • Help the public administration to achieve more effective collaboration with third sector leading to better governance and sustainable development of the society.
  • Support for capacity building of NGOs that enable these to undertake common projects with the public administration that can lead to overall improvement in life standards of society.
  • Support for the use of Information Technology in order to increase efficacy and efficiency of local and central governance.
  • Development of strategies and systems based on Information Technology for capacity building of organs of local and central government.
  • Training and development of capacities in human resources in the field of Information Technology and Communication.
  • Support in the development of projects involving legislation that have as a scope capacity building and governance improvement.
  • Development and promotion of studies that help in the identification of problemes and in joint eco-system among public and private sector.
  • Development of the community through education on sustainable development to achieve participation in decision making.
  • Support of local initiative in rural zones for the development of projects of civil society for the decrease of poverty.
  • Support for capacity building in accounting, financial reporting, integral reporting, risk management and monitoring.
  • Development of methodologies on acconting and financial reporting for local governance.
  • Project preparation, development and implementation.
  • Functional analysis of public and non-public organizations with the goal of improving their performance and processes towards good governance.
  • Development of policies and strategies for sustainability.
  • Training on all the above topics.